Best Entertainment Apps You Need To Get Now

Thanks to the internet and advancing technologies, entertainment formats have changed and improved massively in recent years. For those who love being entertained on the go, the choices are far too many. In this post, we will talk about the best entertainment apps available today.


Netflix continues to rule the entertainment genre in many ways. From movies to original shows and premium content, there are endless choices at the moment. Netflix also hit the bull’s eye with effective pricing and option to watch content on almost every device and platform. Also, the company is constantly trying new and fun ways to engage audiences in different continents, which will only add to their popularity. No wonder, it’s on every list of best entertainment apps.


Love to get entertained but don’t want to pay the big price? Well, Cinemabox is meant for you. This is a fun and free app that doesn’t charge you for the premium content. You can find the latest shows, movies, music videos and much more. Also, all their videos are in 720p resolution, and that simply means more clarity and better picture quality. Depending on the speed of your internet, the app will adjust itself as needed. Unlike torrents, here you don’t have to worry about malicious content, and there’s also support for subtitles. This is like a little secret app that will make sense to most users.


If you are ready to pay for premium content, HBO Now does offer a wide range of shows, movies, documentaries, and other things. The costs are decent at $15 per month, but it may still scare away a few users, given that other apps are offering better entertainment for free without so many additional requirements. Also, you need to have a HBO login to use this app.

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Entertainment is not limited to just shows and movies, and if you are looking for games, there are quite a few options. Subway Surfers remains one of the best picks in its genre, besides other traditional choices like Temple Run 2. Pokémon Go still has many takers, while the initial hype has surely gone down in recent months. Also, you have the fun tapping apps like Candy Crush Saga that has made way for more than a hundred apps in the same genre.

What are you waiting for? Download a few on your phone and tablet now!

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